Medical Expectations Lab

Expectations shape the way we think and feel. The Brown Medical Expectations Lab is devoted to the study of expectations, such as placebo effects, in the domain of health. The more we understand this phenomenon the more it can be leveraged to improve patient well-being. To visit this lab, click here. Dr. Bernstein is the Director.

Radiology Human Factors Lab

The Radiology Human Factors Lab (BRHF) is a collaboration of experimental psychologists, statisticians, and radiologists. It provides programmatic research dedicated to improving patient care by optimizing performance in radiology. To visit this lab, click here. Dr. Bernstein is the Associate Director and Dr. Grayson Baird is the Director.

Political Psychology

This is a new area of research, and only one paper has been published to date. Other work remains on-going. The publication can be accessed here. Briefly, we examined the role of political tribalism in the following domains: 1) perception of election fairness, 2) policy support, and 3) perceived bigotry.

Other research related to this area has been discussed on Dr. Lee Jussim’s substack, “Unsafe Science.

Guest posts co-authored by Dr. Bernstein include: